Safety Fights and Repeated Attacks

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Safety Fights and Repeated Attacks Empty Safety Fights and Repeated Attacks

Post by Nosferatu_Shinigami on Tue Nov 06, 2007 1:09 pm

Now, this is mostly for the new players, but some of the 'veterans' still forget about it Smile

What is a safety fight? Basicly, it's a fight you have with some lower lvl wolf, to make sure you have 1h free of any attacs. Why is that? After every fight you have, you can not be atacked for 60 minutes. I personaly know that the server time likes to do stupid jokes, and it's about 40 minutes, then it can 'glitch' and suddnly you get attacked.

So, what do I need safety fights for? When you go on manhnts, you probably get attacked the instant you get some money, right? And it's frustrating as HELL! So, to avoid it, make sure thay can't attack you! Do a safety fight before you go on a man hunt, than do 2 x 10 minutes mh, another safety fight, again, 2 x 10 min. mh, again, a safety fight, and another 2 x 10 min. mh. Then you can fight again, and spend your money, without worrying about getting attacked. If you keep up with the time, and do the manhunts the moment the last one ended, you can do 3 x 10 min mh, and fight only 3 times, before them, between them and at the end.

This is the recipe to your succes, and the best way to make sure the weres do not attack you repeatedly. The server just started up. Gold is spare, so if someone gets more than 20 from you, even more than 10, they will be sure to come back. I do it, and I'm sure most of the more experianced players do too.

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Safety Fights and Repeated Attacks Muppets_5

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