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Post by Soulburner on Sun Dec 23, 2007 8:59 pm

I don't know why, but I like games made by RedMoon Studios. The're very simple and complex at the same time. I was wondering, do you play other BBMMORPG-s ? And if you do, tell something about it ;]

I'm playing montsters game - here, techwarrior - polish server, and Tales of magic - on german sever (What I would do without babelfish ;p , - I'm not good in german.)
I think I like the last one most. (Don't know why Rolling Eyes )

I was playing: (not anymore)
Travian (for about 6 months)
Travianer (something like 3 months - it was boring)
Ogame (2 months? I liked this game)

Travian and ogame are the games I really hate for one thing - they steal looooots of time Neutral That's why I won't play any similar game. I don't like games made by gameforge because there's lots of viruses in them, they consume lots of time, and if you pay cash, you will be unbeateable.
Redmoon games are made in such way, that even if you pay for playing, it won't help you much - because you will br having a high level, but you will be quite weak for your lvl. And if you play quite regular, but you don't pay - you will have mid lvl, but you will be quite strong. So you can attack 1lvl higher player (who pays) and you will get your 2 exp easly ;]

Ps. I think, there are many mistakes in this text. Please forgive me, english is not my native.

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